Self-healing with an Activated Pineal and Pituitary


Welcome to this training, geared towards those who wish to obtain a greater dominion over their physical, emotional, mental, and energetic health. With conscious activation of our Pineal and Pituitary, thanks to the Mental Master Keys that we use, you will feel a profound impact and change in your body in mind from the very beginning.

As a student of Aktivazen, you have the opportunity to personally submit any request for more specific guidance regarding any kind of health issue, simply write us an email.
Self-healing with an empowered mind and activated Glands of Power will generate positive effects on your body, balance your emotional system, rejuvenate your thought and expand your mind. This will improve your life, possibly changing it completely.


When an apprentice learns to use the Mental Master Keys and sees their results, the energetic results emerge immediately. Physical results follow soon thereafter. Time is not the obstacle, we just need to use the right keys and have a strong desire or intention, then the magic happens.


Understand that you have the right and the capacity to change, you just have to decide to. The right to be happy with good health, to be loved, to have balance, to shine both physically and mentally. That is yours. And you will have all of that when you learn to guide your energy, the same energy that makes up this earth, plants, animals, every planet and all matter. Every atom in your body. We will teach you to expand, regulate, and shape that energy for your betterment.


This training is perfect for:


  • People who suffer from chronic pain or illness and deeply wish to get better.
  • Doctors, therapists, healers, psychologists, nurses, meditators, anyone interested in alternative therapy, holistic medicine, or even philosophy and arts related to energy control.
  • Anyone who wishes to evolve themselves by dominating the energy in their body.
  • Holistic therapists who work with energy-based healing, you will find your skills multiply and your patients will benefit with surprising results that last.


What we teach in this course will give you and your loved ones huge advantages whenever your health is on the line.


Our subconscious mind knows exactly what’s happening in every system, organ, tissue, and cell in our bodies. Once we empower our Glands of Power, we will have the energy needed to spur our subconscious to heal our bodies and guide its systems towards the goal we’ve defined. You don’t need to know the exact cause of your condition, your subconscious will take care of it because it knows. Your conscious will decide, and your subconscious will act.


In just a few hours, this course will surprise you with the self-control and empowerment that you’ll achieve in your being with each passing minute using the Mental Master Keys. I can assure you that it’ll be an experience unlike anything you’d have imagined, and certainly the results will appear faster that you could have ever expected.


During this training you’ll learn to use a variety of techniques to heal your body and mind. You may not need to use them all, but the cornucopia of tools at your disposal will give you the ability to handle any situation and find what works for you.







  • Energy Balancing will activate your ability to direct the flow of blood to any part of your body, along with the nutrients, oxygen, and antibodies it needs to live strong.


  • Master Breathing will refresh your respiratory system and reduce the effects of allergies. At the same time, you’ll learn to use this technique to remove body aches and pains, and speed up the healing of pains of all kinds. Muscle aches, neck pains, stomach and digestive disorders, bone repair, headaches, migraines, acne and other skin problems, even insomnia and cancer recovery. You’ll learn to stimulate your nervous system such that even diseases considered incurable will be reduced or removed.


  • Master Breathing will also show you how to adjust your mood, reducing depression, overexcitement, and give you more confidence to take action in your life.


  • Psychic Anesthesia will rid you of pain from injections, cuts, pain in your muscles, joints, and bones, as well as menstrual pains and organ damage in general.


  • You’ll learn to control your blood flow, ensuring fast healing of injuries and limiting your blood loss in an accident. You will feel protected by your empowered mind.


  • Regulate your body temperature, raising or lowering it as needed.


  • Learn the techniques of Good Sleep, which will eliminate the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion throughout the day, as well as those morning pains. Many “age related” problems are simply the result of thousands of hours of bad sleep. In one year you sleep at least 2,190 hours, and you’ve been doing it wrong. But the damage can be repaired.


  • If you suffer from sleeping disorders or can’t rest for long periods, we also include techniques to gain 3 hours of energy from just a ten minute power nap.


  • Activate your Organic Hearing, which will allow you to connect and disconnect your brain’s hemispheres, which stimulates neuron function and development, and controls the signals of the nervous system. You will carry waves of sound into your organs and experience great healing benefits that modern medicine cannot touch.


  • Control your emotions which are causing you physical pain. Many of our chronic problems are tied to emotional suffering and recalling of traumatic events. We cleanse your mind of these harmful feelings and thoughts and the physical harm leaves with them.


  • Conquer your anger, rage, anxiety, panic, or nervousness by focusing your mind’s energy.


  • You’ll learn to activate your Power Mode, which instantly empowers your body and mind, supercharging your body for demanding situations.


  • You’ll learn to produce more physical energy for endurance and exercise.


  • Purge toxins from your body, especially for those who have a history of drug abuse or alcoholism.


  • 100% lung capacity training shows you how to always make the most of your breathing and flood your body with oxygen. This change will become a natural part of your life.


  • The Body of Steel technique will solidify your body to brace for impacts without getting hurt.


  • Global Breathing will create the sensation of air entering your body through every pore, allowing you to harness the air’s power for your organs.


  • Cellular Energy Expansion techniques will teach you how to stimulate the energy in any part of your body to improve its function and healing.


  • The Healing Dances will show your subconscious how to guide the energy towards self-healing.


  • Maximum Defense training turns your immune system into an impenetrable force, fighting off viruses, bacteria, fungal infections and removing damaged cells, all thanks to your newfound energy.








These teachings have been carefully acquired, tested, and taught before being made available here at Aktivazen. If you believe you could benefit from even just one of the abilities mentioned above, then I implore you to take the opportunity to change your life. Reach out and snatch a new destiny from among the stars.


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