Empowering Yourself and your Business with an Activated Pineal and Pituitary


Are you ready to change your life? Do you want more power, wealth, and happiness? Then welcome to this incredible training, which will activate your pineal and pituitary even further and allow you to truly enjoy your existence.

A special sequence of meditations will develop greater sensibility to your deeper senses and strengthen your mind-body connection. With this, you’ll be able to transform reality around you, using your mind as a subconscious coordinator of the universe. By establishing your goals and calling for help, people from all over will provide you with the resources you need to make your projects successful.


Have you ever felt that your life isn’t what it was supposed to be? That you don’t have all the happiness and abundance that you desire? If so, I promise this training will change the way you live by conducting your magnetic energy towards the goals you want to reach.


And if you are satisfied, life can always be better. What we teach in this course is not limited to anyone. Everyone can benefit.
In the Great Initiation you saw the power of your magnetic field thanks to our Mental Master Keys. In this course, you’ll learn to expand that power even more and use it to attract whatever you want, be it wealth, people, influence, or power.


This magnetic power primarily pulls on people, and so we will teach you how to draw others towards your goals. Success in love, business, life in general is all determined by those around us. Life is nothing without others. But we must attract the right kinds of people, those willing to support us. That is where success lies.


With our techniques, from this point forward you will find people in every situation, whether it’s a party or a work meeting, ready and eager to help you. You will tap into the collective unconscious and make mental connections with people both near and far. What’s more, you’ll be able to tap into their energy to channel it all towards your most fervent desires.







  • Introduction to the theory behind this course


  • A review of the Initiation


  • Entering Higher Consciousness by separating your skin, joints, and generating saliva


  • Self-Initiation training


  • Balancing with drums


  • Activation Breaths


  • Expanding your Energy


  • Magnetic Expansion to attract your goals


  • Learn how your energy acts in times of Inner Peace and Extreme Stress


  • Stop using your power against yourself


  • Limiters: Beliefs that hold you back


  • Removing your limiters with energy expansion


  • Mental Master Keys to create a mind that generates abundance


  • Restructuring your Mind


  • Activating Abundance in your Subconscious


  • Mental Energetic Attraction and changing your Subconscious


  • Setting your Life Goals


  • Creating the Tree of Synchronicities


  • Power Mode will burn new beliefs into your mind and empower it to perform any task we request


  • Making the Impossible Possible: How to Summon Support from the Collective Unconscious with your energy


  • Magnetic Attraction of Money, a Mental Master Key just for making yourself richer


  • Uniting your Workers with your Pineal


  • Making quick wishes, and getting quick results


  • Strategies to communicate with the collective unconscious more effectively


  • A schedule and regimen for your practice


Do you want your business to grow? Have better relationships? Gain confidence knowing that you can make your dreams come true? Then take the first step towards a better life. Learn to empower yourself and your business and discover what it means to be limitless!.




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