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The Great Initiation



Ritual of Energetic Activation of your Pineal and Pituitary



The Pineal and Pituitary glands are two glands of power that determine the success or failure of every human’s life.

The level of ability and knowledge that a person has doesn’t determine the success they will attain. Achieving real success in life depends entirely on the level of evolution of these two glands, which everyone was born with, or can acquire through practice.

The meditation you are about to see uses the Mental Master Keys, which activate your internal energy through a carefully determined sequence of actions and thoughts.


This sequence, which you will learn today, will act as a password to your subconscious, unlocking power from within the DNA of your cells, creating an expansion of energy that will surpass your wildest expectations.

If you’ve never tried to control your internal energy before, or even if you have studied it before, we encourage you to try our methods with an open mind. The experience will change the way you see the world.

What you are about to see has never before been released to the public. For thousands of years, it’s been developed and safeguarded for the elite practitioners of great ancient cultures in the Andes


In just one hour and a half, you’ll learn to use the Mental Master Keys to activate these inner channels of energy, where your electromagnetic energy is stored. You will never forget the sensations that will run through your being.


So go, dare to go further, and discover the great power that lies within you.



But remember, the sequence is everything, so don’t skip past any parts, be patient and follow along.