"Guide to activate Intuition, Telepathy and Clairvoyance "


Since writing was invented, its highest purpose has always been to preserve and transmit knowledge. We’ve acquired the most advanced techniques and strategies to develop our mental abilities. And what has that brought us? Happiness, fulfillment, and incredible experiences.

Thus, following in the footsteps of our forefathers, we offer this knowledge to you through our guidebook.


We’ve meticulously designed this book to guide you down the same path of enlightenment that we have walked. We’ll teach you to use the Mental Master Keys to unlock the powers you have inside, ones you’ve never known yet always had. With the right sequence of meditations, you will activate them and see the magic for yourself.
In the exact moment that you see what our teachings can do, that’s when your mind opens up completely. Then you can have the life of happiness, peace, tranquility, and abundances that you’ve always desired. We want to show you the way, and walk beside you. But you must take the first step.

Our Great Initiation is proof of the truth we possess. If you haven’t experienced it yet, we encourage you to do so. And if you have, then we can say without a doubt that there is nothing else like it on this planet. Nowhere else will you find the way to unlock the powers of your electromagnetic field.

You have great power inside you. We want everyone to discover that fundamental truth. However, all we can do is provide you with the tools, the map to guide your journey. It’s up to you to decide to do something for yourself.

Our guidebook is a great way to get started. With it, you’ll be able to take great leaps forward in your personal development. The knowledge that we’ve published has been kept hidden behind 7 keys in remote schools reserved for the elite. Today, we bring it to light, so that you can be enlightened.






    CHAPTER I: The Second Treasure

    CHAPTER II: Creating a New Reality

    We are going to learn to focus our mind by creating new sensations of perception of the environment, stimulating our 12 senses: Hearing, Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, Feeling, Telepathy, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Spiritual Discernment, Transmission of Thought and Verification.

    You will activate the mental key of "The Walk of the Master", with which you will feel your body extremely light, with the weight of 2 pounds.

    CHAPTER III: Stimulating your Deep Senses Through Sound

    We will learn to use sounds to create new mental connections that deeply stimulate our deep psychic senses.

    CHAPTER IV: Restructuring Our Brain and Body, Taking Control of the Circulatory System, The Good Sleep

    We will learn to take control of the Circulatory System, guiding the blood with our will, a power that we will activate to dominate the flow of our energy channels.
    We will learn to convert the hours of sleep into a process of Meditation, developing much more the potentialities of our mind and doubling our vital energy.

    CHAPTER V: Energy Balances with Breathing - Micro and Macro Times

    We will discover the Wonderful Quartet, the four centers of brain power, and learn to stimulate them to maximize the psychic senses of our mind and empower all the health processes of the body.
    The Microtiempos will allow us to make dimensional leaps, taking to our mind a new reality where time stops.

    CHAPTER VI: Photographic Memory - Square of Reality
    You will learn to create high resolution mental images, which will enable you to obtain more definition and detail in your perceptions.

    CHAPTER VII: The Separateness: Becoming Two Super Beings

    The Power of Intention and Attention
    At this level, surely you'll be ready to take your mind to levels of higher perception immediately, only by changing the focus of your vision.

    CHAPTER VIII: Arm of Wisdom – The First Way to Win

    Language to interpret the information from the Subconscious
    At this level of your preparation, you will begin to have amazing perceptions, you will be ready to manifest, through physical sensations, the intuitive information captured by your subconscious.

    CHAPTER IX: Visual Approach to Clairvoyance

    Taking off the Veil of the Time, Seeing the Immediate Future
    We will enter a deeper level of perception. We will learn the right way to focus our gaze at the right moment to receive visions.

    CHAPTER X: Receiving Information - Auto Telepathy

    Based on the knowledge we’ve already acquired, we will learn the right way to connect with our subconscious projected into the future and will create the neural connections needed to stimulate telepathy. Remember the potential of our subconscious is infinite.




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