Mastery in self-Healing and Empowering Yourself and your Business


If you want to go further and discover the highest potential of humankind, this is the course for you. In addition to the course content, you’ll also gain access to our monthly live trainings online and additional content exclusively for students in the Mastery course.


Curious how the Mental Master Keys work? Here we go into greater detail about their origins and functions, teaching you just why they’re able to achieve such incredible results. We’ll also show you new keys that will lead you to perfect your development towards becoming an Illuminated or Awakened Being.


Of course, with this course you’ll also have access to our support line so that you can ask questions and seek guidance for any situation that you might encounter. We want you to become a master. Learn from one to become one.


This is the perfect training for:

    1. - People who want to achieve complete mastery over their being and its energy.
    2. - Coaches and teachers who want to become more effective using these never-before-seen techniques.
    3. - Doctors, therapists, healers, psychologists, nurses, meditators, and instructors or practitioners in any kind of holistic or alternative medicine, as well as those interested in the philosophy and art of energy manipulation and spirituality.
    4. - Holistic therapists who want to improve their patients’ recovery through the transmission of magnetic energy.
    5. - Anyone interested in teaching themselves the mystic arts of the highest order.
    6. - Anyone who is considering becoming a teacher of the Arts of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Empowerment, whether as a career or as a side job.

    The Mental Master Keys in this course have never been shared before online, and are known to only a few who have graduated from secluded mystic schools as masters.

    Our ambitions at Aktivazen are not so unique. There are many other courses offering self-improvement and spiritual guidance. What sets us apart are the Mental Master Keys, which produce results that no other school can offer.

    These keys offer you a smooth yet profound entry into higher consciousness, something that normally takes months or years with other methods. Our Great Initiation is proof of how effective these keys are.


    Once placed in higher consciousness, we will teach you to activate the Wisdom of the Master, expressed through your deep sense of Spiritual Discernment, which will allow you to divine answers to questions you had never considered before. You will know what to do, and how to do it, all the knowledge will flow through your mind. You will find your responses and expressions to become more poetic, graceful, with harmony and simplicity.

    The truth of the Mental Master Keys opens the path to learn more of them, which will link you to this inner wisdom faster than ever.









    • A detailed explanation of how the Mental Master Keys work :


      • How the keys activate your Pineal and Pituitary so quickly
      • How the Initiation Keys work, physical and mental effects Self-Initiation
      • Separating your Skin and Joints: The effects and results
      • Generating saliva: How this controls your Glands of Power
      • Breathing through your Ribs: How this generates more energy
      • The Candle: What light does to your mind
      • Looking at your body as you open your eyes: The secrets of Indian Gurus revealed


      • How your mind guides energy through Organic and Cellular Intelligence.


      • Psychic Anesthesia: Discover how this technique from the Self-Healing course works and how you can use it on other individuals to benefit your medical business or simply help others.


      • Who I am: Connect with your Superior Being, your true essence.


      • Mental Master Key of Separateness: Enter higher consciousness in a fraction of a second.


      • Separateness vs. Power Mode: Learn the differences and which one to use in a variety of situations.


      • The Here and Now: Discover how eastern monks use this key to perceive the world a new way. Improve your concentration and memory with this powerful technique. Evolve your mind and find your Super Consciousness. Honestly, it’s difficult to express what you will see in this chapter as your present state of development can’t fully process what it’s like to perceive the world in this state. Words can’t do it justice.


      • The Gold Star: This magic spot on your body will cease restless thought and take you straight to the Here and Now.


      • Enhance the Here and Now by using the Mental Master Keys from the previous two courses


      • Perfecting your entry into the Here and Now


      • Learn how not being in the Here and Now affects your body and wastes your vital energy


      • Extend your stay in the Here and Now with new Mental Master Keys

      • Taking Consciousness
      • Minimal Effort
      • Removing the Screen
      • Perceiving your surroundings with the Master’s Connection
      • Advanced Visual Perception
      • Separateness vs. The Master’s Connection


      • Permanent strategies to generate long-lasting changes in your biochemistry, improving your oxygenation and focus via two beautiful keys: Conscious Breathing and 20-second Yoga


        • Activation Breaths: The secret of carrying air


        • Virtual Reality with the Regressive Meditation technique


        • The Pineal and Spirituality


        • Practice Schedule and Regimen
    • Our mission is to spread this knowledge to as many as possible. We hope that more people become masters and that they go on to teach others just as we do. Humanity can improve. It must, if we are to reach our full potential in a globalized world. Therefore, we encourage you to become a full-fledged master and open others to a world without limits.

      There is no end to knowledge, which is why there is no end to our support of your endeavors. We offer life-long support to anyone enrolled in the Mastery course, and as we continue to develop new techniques and discover more Mental Master Keys, you will be the first to know about them. Any question you have will be answered by experienced masters.





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