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This high-level training seeks to apply the power that you’ve activated in the Great Initiation, the magnetic power of your Pineal and Pituitary. We focus it on cellular regeneration processes and the reestablishment of your holistic health, both physical and mental..... (Read more)

In this course we develop your deeper senses that connect your mind and body, which will allow you to transform the world around you. You will use your mind as a coordinator on the subconscious level, allowing you to achieve your goals and take your projects to new heights. Programming your subconscious will cause people to help you voluntarily, whether near or far, friends or strangers. They will come to your aid with resources and knowledge to help you fulfill your dreams.... (Read more)





Mastery in Self-Healing and Personal and Professional Empowerment


Go further! Our mastery course will teach you new Mental Master Keys to empower your mind. You’ll also learn the secrets of these keys and how they work. Step by step, this training will transcend your knowledge, improve your concentration, memory, and your consciousness of the present. Your mind will evolve to the point of Super Consciousness, unlocking powers that you had never imagined...... (Read more)




Book AktivaZen


"Guide to activate Intuition, Telepathy and Clairvoyance"



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