Aktivazen is a organization dedicated to the diffusion of the incredible teachings of the ancient cultures of the Andes Mountains in South America. These stem from the millennia-old Atlas culture, and they are based on self-knowledge and the integration of one’s whole Being. With these teachings, ancient masters increased their higher level brain processes and empowered themselves and those around them.

What these Andean cultures discovered is unparalleled in the world. The Mental Master Keys and their sequence have no equal, and allow anyone to experience great evolutionary leaps, just as you may in the Great Initiation which we have freely provided.

Nuestro Instructor


Guillermo Alonso has dedicated himself to studying the inner workings of man for over 30 years. To him, a healthy body and a healthy mind must go hand in hand. For the body, he manages the Homeovida Epi Ionizacio Therapeutic Center.


But, as Guillermo learned through years of study, the mind has greater power than the body ever will. So he set out to find out just how much it holds. He’s studied scores of courses related to self-improvement, mental development, self-esteem, and emotional intelligence. He continues to teach these topics and even produces a radio program called “Awaken your consciousness.”


Along the way he searched beyond modern western psychology, and discovered the Ancestral Mystic School of the Andes, which teaches the very same techniques we use here at Aktivazen. Guillermo became a master in this school, and as such, can show us the way of the Master.